Homework 9: Data Visualization Chart

Survey on music choice

Working in teams, me and my group members decided to create a survey on music preferences of people. We decided to post questions asking participants about their favorite music genre and what era of music they prefer the most. Using Google Forms, we created the survey in a multiple choice format. Music categories included of rap, country, EDM, pop, rock, and an "other" option, designated for respondents to enter any other genres they favor. On the other hand, eras of music were presented as decades ranging from 1970s to 2010s. Similar to the first question, we also provided "other" option to diversify overall findings.

By Thanksgiving, 20 people took the survey. Based on the data collected by the survey form, I copied the results on an excel sheet, making two different clusters, each having responses from both questions asked on survey. Following instructions provided by Tony Harmer on LinkedIn Learning chapter "Creating Illustrator Infographics," I created a 1920x1080 sized canvas on Adobe Illustrator. After adding a background and labeling the visualization, I created two pie charts. Using Harmer's guideline, I pasted the excel sheet data. Using group selection tool and color swatches, I finally proceeded to add colors to plot areas in order to distinguish between the responses.