Homework 8: Winking Eye GIF

For the first GIF assignment, I dedided to use the vector eye illustration previously created for homework 7. Adusting the canvas size to 5x7 inches, I copy pasted the illustration. As I intended to show winking movement through my animated GIF, I created five different artboards, each displaying a variation in movement of the right eye. In fourth and fifth artboards, I also tilted the eyebrow to make winking animation appear more accurate. Using Adobe Color, I created four different colors (yellow, blue, green, and orange) for background. As each movement changes, I also altered colors of upper eyelid with each artboard.

After grouping the illustration layers, I opened the entire illustration in Photoshop. Referring to LinkedIn Learning tutorial chapter "Animating Images", I then proceeded to use timeline panel. Upon selecting the illustration layers and reordering them, I set duration time of all frames and muted the audio. At last, I subjected the layers to loop in order to turn the animation into a GIF.