Homework 8: Puppet Warp GIF

In order to make this Cut Up Cinema GIF, I first selected a picture from my gallery and moved it on a 5x7 inches photoshop canvas. Using the direct selection tool, I selected myself as object and masked it. Following that, I created a vector layer for the object in order to refine the edges. At last, I started using puppet warp feature while referring to the tutorial provided by Jesus Ramirez of Photoshop Training Channel.

As I intended to show body movement in GIF, I duplicated the image in five different layers, each subjected to the same masking technique previously used in original layer. At the same time I also changed my body movements in each layer using puppet warp. At last, I created a timeline of all layers and selected frame animation tool. Following steps demonstrated in LinkedIn Learning chapter "Animating Images," I proceeded to make frames from all the selected layers on canvas, and changed the web preferences to GIF from psd.