Homework 6: Vector Emotive Eye


The emotion conveyed through this eye illustrator is of confusion. Initiating the illustration, I created a rectagle to select the canvas area intended for background. Following that, I proceeded to use the triad mode of adobe color wheel to create a darker shade or red. After filling the color, another layer was created for shape of eye, which was later on duplicated and readjusted on canvas. Additional layers were also created for pupil and iris, and the colors used were again created using color wheel. Once the shape and other contents such as iris and pupil were duplicated as mentioned, I decided to create dark borders around each object in order to make it appear more comical. The final step to the illustration involved making eyebrows above both eyes. I used line tool to draw two straight lines above the eyes, set at similar stroke points. Since confusion was the theme I intended to convey through eye expresssion, I curved the right eyebrow with curvature tool.