Homework 5: Adobe Illustrator Basics

Brain Jam Text

Copying the previous "brain jam" photomasking project to adobe illustrator, I created two layers. The first layer had the orginal photomasking image. In the second layer, I recreated shape of brain using the pen tool. Following that, the shape was duplicated as I intended to place two copies of the object on sides of the previously masked image. Once the shapes were transformed, I used adobe color wheel to add a shade of tangerine orange. After that, I used typography tool to add the words "brain" and "jam" separately in duplicated brain-sized shapes. Lastly, the illustration was pasted as a smartobject on photoshop. However, I noticed that the object size was larger than I anticipated, due to which I had to resize the shapes in illustrator. After the final shapes were pasted again in photoshop, borders were refined and a bleinding mode was added to make it appear similar to the color pattern of background image of cell. phones.