homework 4: Masking and Image Composting 2

Brain Jam

The present-day age of digital media has made information more accessible to common people and in a great proportion. In this technological revolution, devices such as cellphones have played a crucial role in filling the communication gap that persisted for a long period. However, the progress, which can be regarded at its peak given that cellphones and other portable devices have become an integral part of our lives, has degraded conventional social interactions by enhancing culture of individualism. And in the process, a great amount of information consumed through cell phones, especially social media platforms, has hit people’s capability of objective, rational thinking. Therefore, the image composition attached here attempts to display the human dependency on digital devices such as cell phones, which makes the background of the image.

The photoshop tools and methods used to compost the image are same as the ones used in previous work of “climate change,” except the intensive use of object selection tool I have made in this image. As mentioned, the cellphones background is the primary layer representing the overload of digitalism mentioned previously. The second layer consists of the human head. Besides refining the edges, I used an object selection tool to mask the brain which I also blended in multiply mode. The third image used is of the chains, which were masked, lightly blended,and placed inside the brain element to symbolize limitations of the brain when overconsumed with technology. Using the gradient, the third mask of chains was eventually blended with the brain’s color.