Interactive Story

Link to the game

For the interactive game project, I decided to code a game allowing players to engage their decsion-making skills. Loosely inspired by the premise of show 'Doctor Who' the game takes the player to different settings and timelines to accomplish a task. I begin the project by sourcing my images reflective of each time setting. For example, a background image of the pyramids was set to provide a visual interaction for ancient Egypt. Using Adobe Illlustrator, I proceeded to create pages for title, premise, options, and three different sets of timelines with two outcomes in each. Out of the outcomes set, one leads to death while the other leads to a successful completion of mission. To keep players more engaged, I also added context for each outcome using my storywriting skills. At last, using image mapping, I created buttons to navigate through the game. For text-based buttons, a rectangle shape was used whearas for a symbolic button such as the 'restart' button attached to each outcome artboad, a circle is used. I hope to espouse visual reaction of players to different time settings through the construction of this game.